Top 8 Reasons to use a Pool Safety Cover

Swimming pool coverSwimming pool safety covers have gained immense popularity largely because they save lives and also help reduce maintenance. Although protecting pets and children from drowning is one of the main reasons to install a pool safety cover, keeping the swimming pool cleaner and significantly reducing the amount of work pool owners have to do before using the pool are also real advantages.

swimming pool safety covers

Therefore, although you’re maintaining your swimming pool equipment and keeping the pool clean, installing a pool safety cover cuts down on evaporation, energy use and costa, and can also save you time. Let’s explore some of the main reasons for buying and installing a swimming pool safety cover:

  1. Will a Pool Safety Cover Stop Evaporation?

Evaporation is the process in which liquids are changed into vapor, and this is exactly what happens with your swimming pool water whenever your pool is not covered. This means that you’ll be required to fill your pool less often, which is the smart way to go especially for people who live in drought areas. Preventing evaporation helps you save water (up to 20,000 gallons per year in certain areas) and if your swimming pool is heated, you also save money by maintaining constant water temperature in the pool.

Pools with high wind speeds paired with a higher water temperature experience a higher rate of evaporation. However, installing the right swimming pool safety cover helps slow down evaporation and ensures that water is not wasted. Remember, even indoor pools are prone to evaporation and installing pool safety covers on both outdoor and indoor pools can produce energy savings of up to 90 percent.

  1. Does a Pool Cover Reduces Chemical Use?

Floating pool chlorine chemical dispenserIn order to keep your pool water in good condition, you may have to use expensive pool chemicals. Pool safety covers limit the exposure of pool water to weather elements and help prevent them from breaking down as quickly. This enhances the efficiency of your pool chemicals, hence saving you money and reducing the amount of time you have to spend using these chemicals to treat your pool.

Chlorine is one of the main chemicals commonly used to sanitize and treat swimming pools. When exposed to direct sunlight, the effectiveness of chlorine is significantly reduced. Pool safety covers help prevent UV rays from hitting the pool water and reducing chlorine’s effectiveness. Installing a pool safety cover helps reduce chemical use by up to 60%.

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  1. A Pool Safety Cover will also Reduce Heat Loss

Swimming pool safety coverSwimming pools lose around 70 percent of their heat through evaporation from the water surface. Covering your heated pool at night helps reduce heat loss, which means warmer water.

swimming pool safety covers

It prevents heat loss when temperatures drop overnight which is very important especially when you’re using the pool during chilly weather and when you’re relying on the sun for heat.

  1. Pool Covers will Keeps out Yard Debris, Leaves and Twigs

If your pool does not have a cover, different kinds of things including toys, leaves, shredding shrubs, or even dead insects can be blown into the pool during windy or stormy weather. This means that you have to spend time cleaning your pool before taking a dip. Installing a pool safety cover helps prevent random objects from falling into your pool, which means that you can spend more time swimming rather than chasing down every random object that lands in your swimming pool. Moreover, kipping debris out of your pool is one of the best ways of inhibiting algae growth which reduces the time it takes as well as chemical needed to clean your pool.

  1. Using a Pool Cover will Keeps the Pool Clean and Cuts Down on Maintenance.

Getting dirt out of your pool can be a tough, time consuming task, This is made even harder when dirt and debris sinks to the bottom of your pool. Water runoff from your deck can also bring with it a wide range of impurities including grime, dirt and chemical residue which make the pool dirty and unhygienic. Using a pool safety cover helps cut down on maintenance by keeping water runoff away from your pool and reduces the chances of unsightly stains ruining your pool’s aesthetic appeal.

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  1. A Swimming Pool Cover will Certainly Save you Money

Buying a pool safety cover for your indoor or outdoor pool is a worthy investment that will pay off almost instantly. You won’t have to use as much water, buy as many chemicals, heating bills will be lower, and you’ll spend less time cleaning your pool. Besides helping maintain a stable water chemical balance, a swimming pool safety cover also helps maintain stable salinity levels for saltwater pools. Covering your pool also helps protect the water from algae because algae need sunlight to grow. Pool safety covers help save energy whether you’re using gas, solar, or electricity to heat your pool. Remember, saving energy = saving money. Saving energy is also good for the environment and a good way of reducing your carbon footprint.

  1. Helps with safety

Most swimming pool safety covers available on the market are made of sturdy material designed to prevent both people and pets from falling into the pool, provided they are installed properly. Some pool covers such as fiberglass mesh covers can support up to 400lbs per square foot. However, such covers tend to be relatively heavy and need to be used with automatic or manual track systems. It is also essential to keep in mind that some types of solar covers and tarps do not provide safety against people and pets falling through. Therefore, whether you’ve installed a pool fence or not, installing a pool safety cover provides a good level of protection and the pool also looks neat especially when entreating in the colder months.

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  1. Pool Safety Covers are Easy to Use

Both manual and automatic pool safety covers can be easy to use. However, anyone who can afford an automatic cover that is operated by remote control or the press of a button should save them the hassle of dealing with the cover removal process. However, other types of pool safety covers including manual covers can also be easy to use.

The bottom-line

 A pool safety cover can be used for all types of pools including indoor, outdoor and above-ground pools, regardless of the shape or design of the pool. They are usually made of tough materials and are usually secured to the swimming pool sides using straps that cannot be easily undone by kids. Compared to the numerous benefits they have to offer, installing a pool safety cover is an absolute must!