The Pool Protector – Inground Pool Alarm System

The Pool Protector – Inground pool alarm is the result of in-depth research, thorough design, and excellent manufacturing techniques. It’s an electronic monitoring system that sounds an alarm when kids or pets fall into an unsupervised pool.

It is a self-contained, lightweight, and portable pool protection unit that is simple and safe to operate. The unit’s electronic sensor detects entry into your pool triggering an alarm and an RF transmission to the system installed in the house.

Inground pool alarm system

Features and benefits of the Pool Protector – Inground pool alarm

  • The pool alarm automatically sounds a loud alarm when pets or children fall into your unsupervised pool.
  • The system includes a pool alarm unit and a receiving unit that should be installed inside your home.
  • The remote unit can be mounted up to 200 feet from the unit installed in the pool and it comes with 12-volt power supply.
  • The system has a tamper prevention feature and a low battery indicator that alerts you when the battery needs to be changed.
  • Installation is easy and the pool unit sits on the inground pool deck.
  • The pool sensor requires 6 (six) D batteries that last approximately a year (the batteries are not included in the accessories when purchasing the alarm).  Inground pool alarms
  • Meets CE, R&TTE and RoHS requirements.
  • It has a waterproof grade IPX5 but the system is not submersible.
  • The alarm is always in ready mode and it cannot be deactivated until you put the system in sleep mode.
  • In case someone who doesn’t know how to operate the system tries to put it in sleep mode or remove the alarm, the alarm will be triggered.
  • This Inground pool alarm is sold with a 1 year warranty that covers workmanship and defects in parts.


  • Sometimes you may get false alarms during extreme weather conditions.

Inground Pool alarm

The Pool Protector pool alarm is designed to help detect unwanted intrusions in your unsupervised inground pool. However, this is not a lifesaving system and it should not replace other safety considerations such as lifeguards, pool covers, adult supervision, locks, gates, and fences. However, this is the perfect alarm for people who want to keep people away from their in-ground pools especially when they are not around.

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