Swimming Pool Safety Divider Rope

PoolSupply Town 20’ Swimming Pool Rope Divider and Float line with 2 pre-Assembled Stainless Hooks is a must-have accessory for every pool owner. This pool accessory enables you to protect your loved ones by keeping them safe while swimming. You can use this safety rope and float as a marker line to clearly distinguish between the shallow and deep end of your pool. Moreover, the safety rope and floats are high quality and durable. Therefore, you can rest assured that they are highly reliable and will last many seasons. On the other hand, the white and blue design gives the pool a great nautical feel. Pool Divider Wall

Features and Benefits

  • The 3/8” diameter poly rope is 20 feet in length

The safety rope measures 20 feet in length and can be used in pools that are up to 20 feet long. Moreover, the polypropylene is strong and durable because it will not rot due to exposure to water.

  • It comes with 9 ABS plastic floats

The ABS plastic floats ensure that the rope and floats will always remain afloat and visible in the pool. Therefore, your loved ones will always see where the non-sliding 3” x 5” floats and rope are and they’ll always swim and play in the safe area.

  • Ready to Use

This swimming pool safety rope and float line is preassembled and ready to use. Therefore, you simply need to attach the rust resistant hooks to the target edges of the pool.

  • Can be easily Shortened in length

The pool rope divider comes with a plastic fid or adjustment tool that can be used to adjust the length of the rope so it can be used pools smaller pools.

This 20′ pool safety float line is great for dividing swimming lanes or sectioning off dangerous areas in the pool

swimming pool safety rope