Swimming Pool Alarms

Explore the Benefits of Swimming Pool Alarms

There are numerous advantages of owning a backyard swimming pool because it generally means that you and your family have access to a beautiful place that brings hours of enjoyment and fun. It’s also an ideal place to entertain your friends.

However, despite being a great feature, a swimming pool can also pose numerous health hazards. Studies show that in most countries around the world, drowning ranks among the top 3 leading causes of death for kids under the age of 14 years. Most swimming pool-related deaths take place in residential pools.

Therefore, owning a swimming pool also comes with the responsibility of ensuring that everyone is safe in and around the swimming pool. To keep everyone safe, it’s recommended that you invest in additional swimming pool safety devices. Swimming pool alarms enhance safety in and around the pool for everyone including kids, teenagers, adults, as well as your pets.

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How does a Swimming Pool Alarm Work?

Swimming pool alarms alert pool owners, parents, and caretakers to the presence of someone or a pet in the water. These alarms are equipped with sensors that detect significant movement on the water surface. Therefore, if someone or a pet falls or jumps into the water the alarm will be triggered immediately.

Why Should you Install Safety Alarms for Swimming Pools?

The benefits of swimming pool alarms are priceless! and they include:

  • Swimming pool alarms provide an additional layer of security that prevents accidents hence providing priceless peace of mind.
  • They can be easily installed in swimming pools without any major modifications to the side of your swilling pool or the pool deck.
  • The sensitivity setting in most pool alarms can be easily adjusted to detect objects of different weights.
  • Adjusting the sensitivity of your swimming pool alarm accordingly reduces the risk of false alarms due to weather elements such as heavy rain and high winds.
  • Since the device is run on batteries, some alarms come with a remote unit that alerts the user in case the battery is running low.
  • Swimming pool alarms can be used by children and new beginners to make the swimming experience enjoyable each time.

Do you know ‘Shock Alert’ finds voltage in the water?

CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) reports show that installing swimming pool alarms reduces the chances of drowning by up to 83%. This percentage is astounding; one worth considering. In fact, most municipalities have code laws and zoning laws in place that require pool owners to install pool safety alarms, fencing, or both.

Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, it’s extremely essential to install safety devices that provide an additional layer of safety in and around the pool.

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