Pool Alarm Sensor: Prevent Drownings

The Blue Wave Pool Alarm System is designed using intelligent and innovative software and high-tech sensors to provide you with a trouble-free yet efficient solution to both in-ground and above-ground pool security. It is engineered to sense intrusion into the pool by kids, pets, and intruders, without sounding irritating false alarms caused by rain, wind, filter, automatic cleaners or floating objects.

Features and Benefits of this Popular Pool Alarm Sensor

  • Quick and easy installation: The Blue Wave NA4212 Poolwatch Pool Alarm System can be quickly and easily installed onto the pool rail or deck.
  • The sensor uses 6 (six) batteries (not included)
  • The receiver is powered by a 110-volt AC adapter or a 9-volt battery backup (the battery is not included)
  • The system has been tested and certified against NSF and ASTM F2208 standards
  • The pool sensor is designed to detect entry into the pool by objects weighing at least 18 lb. Therefore, the electric sensor will immediately detect entry into your in-ground or above-ground pool by kids, pets, and intruders.
  • The remote sensor can be placed within a range of up to 100 feet from the pool alarm.
  • The remote sensor also sounds an alarm when the pool alarm is activated.
  • This Alarm System includes a sensor alarm body, mounting hardware, remote siren and ac adapter.
  • It has a 1-year limited warranty
  • The system is equipped with a low battery indicator that emits a chirp every eight seconds if the batteries are low and need to be replaced.

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The system utilizes high-tech sensors and intelligent software to detect intrusion into the pool and emit an audible alarm that alerts the owner. The Blue Wave NA4212 Poolwatch Pool Alarm System guarantees maximum safety, comfort, confidence, and peace of mind for both in-ground and above-ground pool owners all season long!