Pool Alarm Electronic Monitoring System

The Pool Alarm Electronic Monitoring System is designed to automatically sound an alarm when kids or pets fall into unsupervised pools. This system by safety technology is portable, light weight, self-contained and very simple to operate. It features an electronic sensor that detects entry into the pool and immediately triggers a loud alarm both at the unit in your pool and at the remote receiver inside your house.

Features and Benefits of the Pool Alarm Electronic Monitoring System

Pool Alarm Electronic Monitoring System      1.  Very simple to install and operate:

This electronic monitoring system is very easy to install and use. After installation, the system will always be in the alarm-ready mode until someone outs it in sleep mode. In case a child or someone who doesn’t know how to operate the alarm tries to remove it or put it to sleep mode, it will sound a pulsating alarm.

      2. It features a remote receiver:

The system comes with a remote receiver that can be mounted inside your house up to 200 feet away from the unit at the pool. The remote receiver comes with a 12V power supply.

      3. Low battery indicator

The poolside alarm uses two 9V batteries which last approximately one year. However, the batteries are not included. This electronic monitoring system features a low battery indicator which is very audible and sounds both at the remote receiver and the poolside alarm.

pool safety alarms 

The system sounds an audible alarm to alert parents and caregivers when a kid, intruder, or pet falls into the unsupervised pool. The electronic sensor can detect intrusion by items with a minimum weight of 13 pounds (6 kg). Installing the pool Alarm Electronic Monitoring System is a good way of ensuring that pets and kids can be saved in time to prevent serious accidents or even death from drowning.

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