MagnaLatch Alert- Child Safety Gate Latch

MagnaLatch Alert, Magnetic Pet and Child Gate Latch Review

pet and child pool gate latch This Swimming Gate Pool Latch features both audible and visual ‘unlatched gate’ alerts. Moreover, you’ll hear a single alert beep each time this electronic alarm and lock is opened. The alarm and visual alert will also be activated if the gate is not securely latched. Here are the main features of this electronic alarm and lock:

  1. Quick and Easy to Install

Installing the MagnaLatch Alert, magnetic pool gate latch is very easy and even new users can easily operate the system to enhance the safety and security of the pool and pool area.

  1. Lockable to Prevent Access Without Key

In case there’s nobody around to respond in case of unauthorized or unsupervised entry, you can lock the gate to ensure nobody can access the pool area while you’re away.

  1. Features both Horizontal and Vertical Alignment Indicators for Easy Installation and Adjustability

Vertical and horizontal indicators allow proper alignment of the gate and latch using a screwdriver during installation or after installation.

  1. The Lift Knob is Child Resistant and Ergonomic

Although the lift knob is designed for comfort and efficiency, it is also child-resistant in order to ensure that kids will never be able to access the pool area.

  1. Rust and Corrosion-Resistant

This electronic Gate alarm and lock is made of stainless steel, aluminum, and polymer, making the entire system resistant to water, rust and corrosion.

Magnetic Pet and Child Gate Latch Review

MagnaLatch top pull features industry-leading gate latching technology. It is also ADA-compliant and meets all swimming pool barrier codes. It comes with a battery and all mounting tools. It comes with a limited lifetime system warranty and you can rest assured you can always hear and see the alerts. This industry-leading system is designed for superior performance even in extreme climates.

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