How to Heat a Pool Without a Heater

Solar mat for swimming pool

When it comes to heating your pool without a heater, it basically means that you’re not using electricity, solar, or fossil fuels of any kind to heat the water in your pool. This means that solar panels and solar heaters are out the window in this case. In this article, we’ll mainly talk about using a solar cover to heat

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DIY Pool Maintenance Tips

Pool cleaning kit

Having your own swimming pool at home can be a blast, especially during the warmer summer months. Moreover, if you have kids the swimming pool provides a fun way to spend time outdoors, relax and exercise without getting too hot under the sun. However, there is a “less fun aspect” of owning a pool: pool maintenance! This is one of

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Private Pool Covid-19 Safety

Covid 19 pool safety

Can Covid-19 spread through pool water? During normal summer days, inviting friends and family over for a refreshing swim in your pool is one of the easiest joys. With the closure of public pools, water lovers are desperate for the aquatic relief that comes with spending safe and fun days at the pool. However, according to experts, you can share

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