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According to recent studies, hundreds of children die annually as a result of accidental drowning in domestic swimming pools. One of the most surprising things is that most drowning cases are even in the presence of some basic safety precautions such as pool fences and locking pool gates. The report shows the urgent need for better swimming pool security

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Why Should You Use Swimming Pool Safety Equipment? Nothing beats parental supervision when it comes to keeping the pool area safe. Common sense and basic swimming pool safety precautions always apply: don’t drink and dive, don’t swim in bad weather, wait about 30 minutes after you eat, and don’t run around the pool, especially on wet concrete. However, even if

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Pool Safety Alarms

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Explore the Benefits of Swimming Pool Alarms There are numerous advantages of owning a backyard swimming pool because it generally means that you and your family have access to a beautiful place that brings hours of enjoyment and fun. It’s also an ideal place to entertain your friends. However, despite being a great feature, a swimming pool can also pose

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